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Call it chemistry, but there is something innately alluring about C2 color that inspires an immediate, emotional reaction. Perhaps it’s because our richly saturated, artisan paints seduce the eye with their subtle ability to reflect natural light. Or maybe it’s because the colors are naturally harmonious, resulting in a beautiful palette of color that draws you in and makes it difficult to choose just one. Far from the mass-produced colors you’ll see in a typical paint store, you’ll find that our smartly edited 496-color palette offers only the most sophisticated, complex and tasteful choices so you can find your perfect fit. Like people, some colors are just made for each other.

Our finely ground artist-grade pigments create an unmatched luminosity and depth that make our product less like paint and more like art. We are the first North American paint company to use a European 16-colorant tinting system rather than the 12 used by most others. The addition of four more pigments enhances color vibrancy and coverage. These finer, extra intensely ground pigments create richer, deeper colors similar to a high-definition television or a highly pixilated photograph. Designers, homeowners, architects, paint specialists and our own partnership of C2 dealers all agree that the unique 16-pigment process, combined with the talents of our C2 colorists, gives an unparalleled mystique to our colors.

C2 is the only company in the country that makes color chips with actual paint, instead of inconsistent, printed reproductions, which means no more surprises when your project is complete. What you see on the chip is what you’ll see on the wall.

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PPG Pittsburgh Paints

A tradition was established early with PPG and Pittsburgh® Paints- use the best technology, manufacture the best quality products, and provide exceptional, dedicated service. Today, that steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of Pittsburgh Paint.

Pittsburgh Paint offers solutions for contractors, architects, specifiers, paint dealers and consumers in all markets. Today, Pittsburgh Paints continues the foremost tradition of supplying the high quality, comprehensive product lines and leading-edge technologies.  Pittsburgh Paints are available at Bersma’s Paint & Decor.

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Fine Paints of Europe

Now Available in Canada!

Started in 1987, Fine Paints of Europe provides the finest paints and personalized service to discriminating homeowners, paint professionals, and the architectural and design community. Fine Paints of Europe coatings are sold by reputable, independently owned paint retailers

Beautiful, long-lasting paints for the home.

In 1987 Fine Paints of Europe introduced Dutch enamels to America presenting homeowners with beautiful, practical, cost effective alternatives to conventional domestic paints. These paints are formulated from the finest ingredients to the high standards which have established the Netherlands as the world leader in coatings. They are embraced and enjoyed by clients who recognize that the true value of a paint is determined by the number of years it will beautify and protect. They understand that, “There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint.™ Fine Paints of Europe is now available in Canada, exclusively stocked and tinted at Bergsma’s Paint and Decor.

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Pure and Original

Now Available in Canada!

With over 200 dealers in 13 countries in Europe, Pure and Original have been producing very high quality paint for over 50 years. 100% natural pigments produce a charming rich 112 colour collection available in Classico Chalk Paint, Fresco Lime Paint and Marrakech concrete look paint.

Classico Chalk Paint produces a rich, velvety ultra mat finish. This is a chalk paint made for walls and furniture, requires very little prep and does not need to be sealed with wax or clear sealers. Choose from the 114 Natural Colours Collection or have a custom colour tinted to your preference.

Fresco Lime Paint is 100% mineral based paint composed of quick lime and natural pigments resulting in a truly stunning and authentic lime paint look.

Marrakech Walls is also 100% mineral based giving the unique Moroccan style tadelakt look

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With Sansin Enviro Stains, not only can you protect your wood naturally – you can also invite the beauty of nature into your life. Our collection of 79 unique colors is inspired by the stunning beauty of our world – the deep blue of a summer’s sky, the rich yellows of the ripe harvest, the pure tones of the Southern desert.

Sansin doesn’t just stain your wood; it actually becomes an integral part of your wood’s cell structure, protecting it naturally from within. Because Sansin stains are water-borne, they can be applied even to wood with a high moisture content. And they’re not harmful to the environment.

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Bergsma’s Paint & Décor realizes the challenges you face in selecting the right product to protect your wood project to ensure its longevity and we recommend quality Sikkens Products to keep your home looking Simply Beautiful. Sikkens Wood Care Products carry with them the reputation of North America ‘s best protection for interior, exterior, deck and log home projects. The Sikkens line is full of products for specific project needs.

Our staff are fully trained in the entire Sikkens line, and we are ready to help you select from the following products to ensure your wood project is protected for years to come.

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Enviro epoxy

Enviro Epoxy is a leader in the race to manufacture environmentally (green) friendly products for patching and coating concrete floors. With over 300 customers across North America, Enviro Epoxy continues to outpace the competition.

Our Enviro-Poxy EP100® line of two component 100% solids epoxy coating system is an advanced, environmentally friendly coating which contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compound), no solvent, no water, no harmful fumes and virtually no odor. Enviro-Poxy (EP100) has been formulated to provide superior functional and decorative properties, high chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent durability and adhesion which protects the substrate from wear, chemical attack, stains, mechanical stress and bacteria formation.

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We carry paint from the following list of vendors:

C2 Paint
Fine Paints of Europe
Pittsburgh Paint
Pure & Original
Sansin Stain
Sikkens Stain
Wall Covering

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