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Collection: C2 Paint Colors

There’s colour. Then there’s C2 colour. Each one of C2 Paint's 496 colours reflects the full range of light to maximize their depth and luminosity. Whether your color style is bold and adventurous or natural and neutral, C2 has the perfect match for you.
  • Architectural White (C2-516)
  • Milk Moustache (C2-692)
  • Vancouver Day (C2-993)
  • Sheer (C2-804)
  • Coconut (C2-932)
  • Smidgeon (C2-912)
  • Paper Clip (C2-928)
  • America's Cup (C2-612)
  • Grout (C2-994)
  • Seraph (C2-992)
  • Shiitake (C2-911)
  • Ferrous (C2-995)
  • Mainsail (C2-996)
  • Archival (C2-785)
  • Cronkite (C2-991)
  • Salt Water (C2-979)